Tooling up for a night of this shit


:hot_pepper: Massive weapons update.
All weapons and ammo in the game are now usable.
:hot_pepper: You can now load your weapon by equipping the ammo in its slot.
:hot_pepper: Your currently equipped weapon’s slot will also be in the left hand panel.
:hot_pepper: Everything should be sortable and bundleable.
:hot_pepper: Weapon wear is now fully functional. Weapons can get worn, jam and even die completely.
:hot_pepper: Some new experimental combat tests (only on Flight or fightso far).
:hot_pepper: A lot of other tweaks and changes

:hot_pepper: Choices for various credit-locked options are now saved for future lives, so you don’t have to spend again.
:hot_pepper: These aren’t retroactive, so if you die and need something restoring, please ask.

:hot_pepper: Early content in the Projects has been toned down a little.
:hot_pepper: Palisade now has food shops.
:hot_pepper: There are a couple of new one-off cards (one only for if you don’t have an interface).

:hot_pepper: New artwork.
:hot_pepper: Tweak to how notifications are displayed.
:hot_pepper: Some images are now coordinated with your avatar’s skin tone, with more to come.
:hot_pepper: You’ll need to re-pick your avatar for this to take effect.

:hot_pepper: Lots of the usual bug fixes and typos. Thanks for the reports.