Smooth as silk


:hot_pepper: The game now has music; about 30 mins in total at the moment.
:hot_pepper: Subscriptions have been overhauled and are now at account level.
:hot_pepper: Various other small changes around this, including a dedicated subscription dialog.

:hot_pepper: There’s a now welcome screen.
:hot_pepper: And options dialog.
:hot_pepper: You can now choose to display temperature in C or F.
:hot_pepper: Cleaned up and improved character, account and various other dialog boxes.
:hot_pepper: Removed the tray icon.

:hot_pepper: You can now get a massage in Palisade.
:hot_pepper: You can now travel directly from the market or Interstate to Palisade.
:hot_pepper: All organs can now be bundled.
:hot_pepper: Selling organs on the street now uses bundles.
:hot_pepper: You can now sell bundled organs via your inventory.

:hot_pepper: New artwork.

:hot_pepper: Fixed the bug with the screen going blank when clicking through quickly.
:hot_pepper: Cleaned up a load of server interaction stuff.
:hot_pepper: Many other small typos and bugs fixed. Thanks for the reports!