A rich dystopian vision

cyberpunkdreams is an alternative reality not too distant from our own. Corporations rule and extreme economic disparity defines everything that anyone has. Climate chaos. Political polarisation  This is our future.

World building

Set around the turn of the next century, cyberpunkdreams is a back to basics, down to the bone cyberpunk world. It's a look at how things might really turn out.

  • The United States balkanises, torn apart by environmental collapse and a series of bitter civil wars.
  • Japan is no more, evacuated due to a second Fukushima accident.
  • Europe looks inward. The Union has fallen apart, and the individual nations become fortresses, sealed up against the horrors of the rest of the world.
  • People flee as Africa burns… but there's nowhere to go.
  • The Internet dies, made permanently unsafe by quantum decryption and genetic viruses.
  • And, of course, corporations become ever more powerful.

For the ordinary citizen, nothing's changed. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Plug in and switch off. But for the pimps and prostitutes of the world, the players and hustlers, people at the very bottom and the very top… well, these are the stories we want to tell.

Form & media

Several projects exist within this world. The flagship is a browser-based interactive/role playing game set in the sleaze and hustle of Cinci's slums. We're also currently working on Cincinnati Stories, a collection of short fiction set in and around the same locale as the browser game, and City Streets, a violent, uncompromising strategy board game.

But there's plenty more to come. Watch this space.


Exclusive content

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