The city is spread before you, horizon to horizon, a vast sore squatting on the world. 24 million people, most of it lawless slum and favela. The last outpost of civilisation on the edge of the badlands. One of the most relevant, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Is it any wonder you ended up here?

cyberpunkdreams is an evolving text-based role-playing adventure with countless opportunities, and endless chances for destruction. Take on the role of a lone wanderer sent to the gates of Cincinnati, in the 2090s. The sand from the desert badlands coats your clothes and skin – with your memories torn from you, all you have is a weapon on your hip, and a mission to complete.

Enter a living, growing world, with new stories each month and limited time events – you’ll always find new surprises waiting for you in the alleys of Cincinnati.

Who will you become in this cesspool of a city? Will you play their games and climb to the top, or be forgotten amongst the march of time and tyranny?

Enter a future grounded in reality – a world distorted by corporations and dominated by poverty. This is cyberpunk for the genre experts, and those looking to experience a dystopian future for the first time, in a world very much based on our own.

Your abilities are intrinsically tied to your successes and failures. There are a multitude of ways to solve each problem you’ll encounter – what you choose impacts not only your chances of making it out alive, but also how your character grows and experiences the world.

Your choices aren’t detached from the lives of the people around you. NPCs will evolve on their own, remember and react to the alliances you announce, the mercy you give and the morals you stand by. If you’re looking for a true lesson of consequence, you’ve come to the right city.

cyberpunkdreams offers a highly customisable character creation system that continues throughout your entire time in Cincinnati. From your clothes and equipment, to your loadout and cybernetics, you are free to constantly upgrade and augment yourself however you choose – if you have the parts.