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About cyberpunkdreams

cyberpunkdreams is an interactive narrative adventure, available on Steam since May 2021 on Windows and Linux. 

Take the role of a lone wanderer and control how your personality, gear, skills and body adapt and mould to the corrupted city of 2090s Cincinnati.

This is a long term, evolving online world, with updates pushed to the game every week or two, and with plans to continue for the foreseeable future – meaning there will always be new surprises around the hidden corners of the sprawling metropolis of Cincinnati. 

To keep track of updates, and to meet fellow punks, join the Discord today.

About Late Night Games

Late Night Games is a games studio based in Cambridge, UK. Right now, our mission is simple: to create games that we’d want to play ourselves. To talk to us, join the Late Night Games Discord, send us a message on Twitter or send us an email.