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Our PR agency is Game If You Are. For press or influencer enquiries, please contact Lucy Ann Jones at


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About cyberpunkdreams

cyberpunkdreams is an interactive narrative adventure, originally built on StoryNexus, but now taking a life of its own on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Take the role of a lone wanderer and control how your personality, gear and skills adapt and mould to the corrupted city of Cincinnati, 2090.

A long term, evolving online world, updates are planned for the foreseeable future – meaning there will always be new surprises around the hidden corners of the outpost of Cincinnati. 

Currently in beta, cyberpunkdreams has aims to not only grow as a piece of interactive fiction, but as a community. To keep track of updates, and to meet fellow wasteland survivors, join the Discord today.

About Late Night Games

Late Night Games is a start-up games studio based in Cambridge, UK. Right now, our mission is simple: to create games that we’d want to play ourselves. To talk to us, join the Late Night Games Discord, or send us a message on Twitter.