Our future’s conclusion, today.

Cyberpunkdreams is an alternative future reality not too distant from our own.

It’s a rich alternative world filled with a criminal population and declining society.

Evil corporations have taken over and extreme economic disparity defines everything. People are just another type of pollution here.

A bottomless pit of poverty and exploitation.


Experience the prolonged murmurs of a world that’s been willfully neglected

Life was never valued, which led to the world as it is in cyberpunkdreams. Everyone’s a loser and there are fuck ups in every direction.

Unregulated companies control the minds of the masses through neural marketing and drugs. The entire population has become rotten yet somehow continues, by feeding off itself.

In this parallel world, survival is a daily struggle if you aren’t at the very top and life has always had a low price.



Sixteen tales from cyberpunkdreams’ futuristic dystopia of sleaze, debauchery, hustle and survival.