Gangland landing page

Gangland landing page

Just how bad can things get for Sally Stone?

Cincinnati Stories, the first fully illustrated collection of short stories from the world of cyberpunkdreams, is coming to Kickstarter this September. In the meantime, whet your appetite with this 9,500 word first instalment.

“LOVED it Rob Chant drags us head first into a world of sex, crime & survival as the neon-lit gutters in Cincinnati Stories draws us in with the promise of a good time away from prying eyes and it’s a book that delivers with every single word.”  Gary Watson, Comics Anonynous

The body was lying face down in the street. The head was a mess; I think some was missing, already taken by feral dogs. A hand was badly chewed too. I’d chased off a mutt when I’d arrived, ready to knife it if it went for me.

I rattled off a couple of shots, wide angle. There was a big spray of blood, behind and in front of where the body was lying. They’d gone at him with an axe, apparently. The blood was already coagulating in the heat, bits of skull and brain material stuck in it. That was good. That was very good. Brains always sold well…

Sally’s just a photographer who’s seen something she shouldn’t, caught in the crossfire between warring gangs in this sexy, dirty cyberpunk dystopia. How far will she go to survive?

Cyberpunk, down to the bone

cyberpunkdreams is real. It’s an extrapolation of now. No big event or technological discovery has shaped our future. The aliens have not arrived. The singularity has not happened. It’s been a slow slide into a rich dystopian world where tales of sleaze, debauchery and hustle are forged. Gangs, drugs, sex, violence. Welcome to a bottomless pit of poverty and exploitation.

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Find out just how bad things can get in Gangland, the first short story from cyberpunkdreams. We’ll send you both Gangland and another, completely exclusive short story set in the cyberpunkdreams world.

Cincinnati Stories

Tales from cyberpunkdreams’ futuristic dystopia of sleaze, debauchery, hustle and survival.

Gangland is the first story from a collection of interlinked short fiction set in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, about 80 years in the future. Expect blood, sex, violence and no punches pulled.

It’s hot, sweaty, loud and bustling. Sex is the city. Sleazy and raw, cyberpunkdreams immerses you into the seedy underbelly of a corrupt alternative future not that different from our own.

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We’ll be launching on Kickstarter in September 2017. If you sign up to receive Gangland we’ll keep you posted.