Devlog #10 – Dangerous Addiction

Time for the month’s roundup. Step through to find out what happened in October:

Come. Towards the door.

On the updates front, we opened the month with Hot spike, making several changes to the spikes system. Now more spikes are usable, more spikes are scannable, and there were some tweaks to spike categories and your neural interface.

The update also brought changes to several other systems. More options were added in the Working the Streets cycle, arm and hand implants are now incompatible with prosthetic arms, and carpe diem’s cap is now more flexible when facing certain problems, to name a few. Several improvements were also made to the clothing and bundling mechanics.

The other big update we had this month, Dangerous addiction, focused more on changes to places than to overall mechanics. Several services in the backstreet clinic were adjusted, and the administration of the place now treats debt differently depending on your relationship with them.

The update also brought changes to some mental conditions and had a few tweaks to the trait mechanics, adding hit traits to hunger and modifying a bit the process for increasing traits. As always, the updates brought several other improvements, tweaks, typos and bug fixes, and new art. Thanks for the reports!

Speaking of art, the new pieces that came into the game this month are amazing! We’ve posted a few on our Twitter and you can see a few here, but a couple you can only find by playing. You recognize from which stories those are from, right? We have to make a special mention to our artist Luke Molver, who creates every single piece of art in the game. Check him out if you want to see more of his art.

Another special mention goes to the game hitting the impressive milestone of 1.8 million words this month. To hit a sweet, round two million, we’ve been working on new places and content for a while now. A big storyline about vampires and The symbol has been in the works since earlier this year, bringing thralls, covens, and a mystery for the vampire mutants to delve into.

Some of the more requested additions are also underway. We’ve recently begun work on the organ merchant job, which will offer you the chance to compete with the backstreet clinic itself. A very risky line of work, but high risk comes with high rewards. Money is nice, of course, but choices like this usually bring more… unique opportunities.

We’re also writing up a whole new location that has been hinted at by a few NPCs already: the homeless camp, situated close to the airport. Inhabited by the poor and downtrodden, the seclusion brought by disinterest allowed the place to develop into a tight community, safe from the struggles of power in the slums. Or so you’d think. There’s always more than meets the eye.

There’s more in the works, of course. Smaller stories and some things we want to keep close to the chest, for now, but we thought we’d give you a taste of things to come. If you want to talk about it all, join the discussion on discord, we’re sure other players are interested in talking about it too. And if you want to get your daily dose of cpd, check us out on Twitter.

Thanks for reading, and until next time.