Devlog #12 – To a happy new year!

With 2022 ahead of us, let’s take a look at how we closed 2021.


December brought us just one big update: Need for need. As the name implies, it added and tweaked some mechanics relating to your character’s need for a specific type of pleasure. It also implemented a new type of wound and tweaked other mechanics, relating to your diary and the vampire mutation.

The month also brought Christmas to Cinci, showing a little of how the season affects the city and its people. We hope you enjoyed it. And although we had fewer updates this month, we continued to fix bugs, correct typos, and add new art, as usual. Thanks for the reports.

In a broader scope, last year marked the debut of cyberpunkdreams to the public. We want to thank everyone who played, as well as everyone who gave feedback and helped us understand how to make this game a better experience for you all. We’re grateful for your company and hope you continue with us in this brand-new year. We’ll continue to update the game, telling new stories and expanding on the ones you already know and love.


And even though we’re a niche game, some people took notice of us this year. In a gratifying surprise, cyberpunkdreams wasn’t only featured on TheGamer Game Of The Year Editor’s Pick of 2021, but grabbed the top #1 spot on the list, being nominated “without a doubt, the best game […] this year.” Check out their full list in their article.

If you want to keep helping us in our journey to build a better game every day, please, send your suggestions our way in our discord server, we always appreciate it. Feel free to join if you just want to chat, too: the community there is great and always happy to help. You can also find us on twitter. As always, thank you for reading, and a happy new year!