Devlog #02 – Walled City

Well, February just ended, so it’s time to talk about what happened in the game last month. In short, Palisade did.

With the last published Palisade update, we finally added a subscription option to the game, accompanied by a whole new area, with its own locations, NPCs, and stories. Does a subscription option mean that now you have to pay to play the game? Not at all. cyberpunkdreams is completely free-to-play and will continue to be. So what exactly does a subscription entails? How does it work? Let’s understand the system.

There are several perks for subscribing, but I think the main ones are two. The first is a change in your action bank, both increasing the total number of actions available and reducing the action refresh time. As you probably know, the game works with an action economy system, in which you can accumulate a maximum of 40 actions in the bank. When an action is used, it’ll refresh in 10 minutes.

With the subscription, however, players have a 20 action increase in their bank and a two minute reduction in their action time, making it possible for longer, uninterrupted sessions of play, especially if you combo that with a binge.

The second perk, and the more exciting one, is access to Palisade, a new area in the game with several unique opportunities. A more laid-back place, where the player can take some time to rest and recover, when needed, and that includes its own living place.

Of course, there have been some other minor updates. Aside from the usual server and engine improvements, bug fixes, and dozens of new pieces of art, there were some small, but noteworthy, items. I have to mention Rob making more improvements to clothing (what did I tell you, he’s obsessed); your character can now experience new moods, Calm and Bitterness; the Arms Cache short story is live, and a lot of other things. The complete list is, as always, on our Discord.

Now, enough news about what happened in the game. Let’s talk about what’s happening outside of it. cpd-wire, the biggest and hottest radio of 2090s Cincinnati, is live and transmitting again. Life in the slums is rough, you know. I heard that the last DJ was locked up by Tower and it took some time for someone else to come operate the booth. But fear not! The new guy is an expert in doing only the illegal things that Tower doesn’t care about. As long as he is lucky enough to not get caught in any random patrol or something like that, the radio is golden!

You can tune in here to hear what’s pulsing on the street:

Feel free to send messages, shoutouts, requests, questions… He’s a people’s guy, our new DJ.

And with that, we cover the mains beats of February. Through March we’ll be populating Palisade a lot more, but that we’ll talk about in the next devlog. For now, if you want to be a part of the discussion on the game, join our discord server. The community there’s great:

You can also check out our twitter page, we post there daily:

As always, thanks for reading, see you next time!