Devlog #27 – Celebrating 10 years of cyberpunkdreams

A lot can happen in 10 years. It was 10 years ago that the seeds which would blossom into cyberpunkdreams began to take root, and while the game itself has only been on Steam for the last two years, there’s 10 years of work behind this increasingly ambitious adventure. Indeed, the opening lines of the game remain intact a decade later.

It’s been one hell of a journey and there’s still plenty of ground left to cover. We’re never likely to run out of ideas to keep the engines burning. And with that out of the way, let’s get cracking, shall we?

May updates

Our second anniversary event content dropped at the start of the month, including the return of the event story from last year. The traitor you choose is an engaging story that can and will have a lasting impact on your game. There’s various criteria you’ll need to meet to trigger it but play for long enough and you should get to experience this fan favourite tale.

Along with the return of this story, there was a new one for this anniversary – Deep stacks. Similarly to The traitor you choose, your decisions through this one can have a lasting impact on your game. To go along with this story, we added more content to Eastside Stacks (the name of the new story should be a giveaway of where it mostly happens) and a new location to discover in the Projects… plus a couple of new NPCs, but that’s a different story.

If you played the game during the anniversary but haven’t seen or finished either of these stories yet, then fear not: they’re unlocked for you now, and you’ll be able to play them as and when you meet the starting criteria.

We also introduced a deeper dive into the world of the city’s black clinics. These are the clinics that pop up and disappear without leaving a trace and allow players to indulge in some more creative medical work. Until now, they were always seen as little more than cheaper alternatives to the backstreet clinic, but now we’ve expanded the lore to give you all more of a taste of how this slice of the economy works in the world.

There’s also been a broad range of other updates, including:

  • Tweaks to the war mechanics
  • Quality of life improvements for pimps
  • More of Alessandra’s story
  • Buying drugs from local dealers

And a whole lot more! You can check out the full list right here, on Steam.

Call & Response

As well as all the regular activity in our Discord server, we host a bi-weekly (or so) writing prompt called Call & Response. We post a question or discussion topic, and you’re free to respond however you want. When each round closes, we reward the best and most creative responses with unique access codes. Recent prompts have included:

  • You’ve only ever had the chance to explore the lower levels of the Project — both literally and in terms of their gang hierarchy. You’ve heard rumours about what lies above, but you can really only speculate…
  • What’s your favourite urban legend about Cinci’s slums? And is it really just a legend, or is there a grain of truth in there too?
  • Are you originally from Cinci? Has the organisation that’s running you inadvertently sent you back to your old stomping ground? Or deliberately? Or would all that be total madness?
  • Jax goes to great lengths to keep himself hidden, even though his presence in Cinci’s slums is an open secret to many. But is it really necessary? Do the corporations really care that much about one rogue researcher? And if they do, why?

On the subject of access codes, every time we run an event there are usually some codes to go along with it that we share in our server. They always get a great response, but a lot of people only join to get those codes and don’t look far enough to see all the other codes that are available there all the time. If that’s you, seriously, look beyond the announcements channel and you might find some things you’ll enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to say hi

As always, if you have something to say about the changes, have any ideas or questions, or just want to share your experiences in the Projects or the Bordertown, we’re here to absorb your feedback. Who knows, we might even act on it in the next update!

Feel free to join us in our discord server or on Twitter, where we’re always active with little snippets from the cpd universe.

Until next time!