Devlog #29 – Exploring and expanding the world of Banshee’s Cry

Walking the banshee’s path

Regular players will already be well aware that Banshee represents a massive chunk of content in the game, even if actually starting the quest itself is a little obscure (and certainly not for n00bs). Our latest update has dramatically expanded the questline, making it deeper, stranger and just better in general.

The Banshee’s Cry story is a gripping conspiracy theory and horror plot centred around the titular Banshee spikes; strange devices, even by the standards of spike technology, that impart their users with otherworldly visions and memetic effects.

We won’t give much more away here but we’ve created a great deal of new content so you can now progress the story with both the Walking Cathedral cult and the Jettel Militia: two groups very much opposing sides, with the former worshipping the spikes, and what they represent, and the latter striving to contain its societal impact.

Depending on which side you choose, you’ll discover more about the groups at the heart of the action, either going on a ride along with the Militia or exploring the deep lore and insect-like castes of the cult with the Cathedral.

And that’s only scratching the surface. If you’re curious (and why wouldn’t you be?) then try exploring some of the darker, seedier side streets in the Projects and you might just stumble upon something rather exciting.

Keeping an eye on the slums

With a game as large and inherently complicated as cyberpunkdreams, there’s always going to be someone tinkering away behind the scenes. It is, after all, a game that was never designed to be “finished”. This month was comparatively quiet on the update front as we started to gear up for more substantial updates in August and September. That’s not to say, however, that we haven’t been looking under the hood and ensuring our players are getting the very best in gritty, irreverent roleplaying entertainment.

This month, we’ve made a lot of bug fixes, small and large, and made some performance and quality of life improvements. New clothing items continue to be added, and there’s plenty of new artwork, of course. Some notable tweaks and content additions include:

One of the biggest overhauls other than Banshee in the last month was The vibe at cheap hotel, a very regular card for characters with more than a passing familiarity with the slums. Most of the options are the same, but there are some new ones for more immersion, especially around NPCs you’re likely to meet there. Drones has had similar work, although not to the same extent. This is all part of our commitment to improving the depth and immersiveness of the regular cards you see, alongside our bigger updates.

So as ever, the game is always changing and evolving, and it’ll never stop. Trust us. You can check out the full list right here, on Steam.

Call & response

As well as all the regular activity in our Discord server, we host a bi-weekly (or so) writing prompt called Call & Response. We post a question or discussion topic, and you’re free to respond however you want. When each round closes, we reward the best and most creative responses with unique access codes. The latest prompt was:

The end of another day. You look out over the city, at the haze of pollution soaking up the setting sun’s rays. What are you thinking about?

It got some awesome, creative responses from our community – head over to the Discord server to check them out.

Don’t be afraid to say hi

As always, if you have something to say about the changes, have any ideas or questions, or just want to share your experiences in the Projects or the Bordertown, we’re here to absorb your feedback. Who knows, we might even act on it in the next update!

Feel free to join us in our Discord server or on Twitter, where we’re always active with little snippets from the cpd universe.

Until next time!