Devlog #31 – You’re talking about memories

This month we lifted the lid on an system that’s been simmering for a while now. It’s all about your memories, but given this is the world of 2090’s Cincinnati, we’re not talking warm and fuzzy memories.

As well as memories of specific storylines, which show up now and then, you’ve also been able to collect a more generic type. Sex is obvious (we hope), violence is for when you’re dishing it out, horror is for when you’re on the receiving end and intensity is anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else. This latest update to the system integrates them more into your everyday life. We’ve always worked hard to ensure no items are there for the sake of it. Our game isn’t one built around useless trinkets, after all. Everything in cyberpunkdreams is designed to have a purpose and while, before now, memories only had a few niche uses, now you’ll be able to get something tangible for them every game day.

This is an immersive concept that either reminds you of past occurrences or just lets you know that they’re there. It’s not intended to have a huge mechanical impact but it all ties into the idea of your character in cpd having their own thoughts, feelings, and impulses. They’re not just a sock puppet for you to control; they’re a living, breathing creation.

Getting to Know You

October also saw a lively and enthusiastic live Q&A with the crew on our Discord server. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how it went and managed to answer some rather interesting and insightful questions. We’d rather you ask us anything than lurk in the chat so, thanks for that, sincerely. We’d be nothing without our community. Unfortunately the audio recording for the session failed, but we’ll be sure to get that sorted next time we run a live Q&A.

Speaking of community, you’ve probably also noticed our community items went live this month. There are currently 15 trading cards, plus five emoticons and three profile backgrounds and while we don’t have plans to add any more items right now (15’s the limit for cards, anyway), anything could happen in the future. So, watch this space. If you’re interested in trading items, our Discord server is the place (although no one seems to want to sell Darlene, for some reason…)

The introduction of Word from Tower is another big moment this month. Tower Group are clearly up to no good, but many players tend to get a little too close to them anyway, ignoring all the (literal) warning signs. If this is you, prepare to regret your decision. Car crime has also taken a step up. We recently introduced the ability to steal from other people’s vehicles, so now the same can happen to you (unless you take the requisite precautions, of course). cpd is designed to be as symmetrical as possible – if you can do it to them, they can do it to you.

Also following on from last months’ exhaustive vehicles update, we’ve also greatly expanded your options when selling vehicles. The big update allowed quick sales for basic vehicles, but you can now sell almost any set of wheels for a decent price, including any that you’ve modded. Vehicle flipping fun, anyone?

Art Imitates Life

A game with the scale and vision of cyberpunkdreams is always evolving, with adjustments being made every month to optimise gameplay.

Of course, fixing typos and addressing glitches should come as a given. This month, as ever, we’ve tackled several issues and have enhanced performance and systems in several areas. Here are a few of the most notable fixes and additions: –

  • A new schedule has been added for fan-favourite character Irene.
  • More Miriam content, which is building towards the ability to date her.
  • Slums fire teams have been brought up to the new standard.

It’s always changing and evolving, and it’ll never stop. Trust us. You can check out the full list right here, on Steam.

Call & Response

As well as all the regular activity in our Discord server, we host a bi-weekly (or so) writing prompt called Call & Response. We post a question or discussion topic, and you’re free to respond however you want. When each round closes, we reward the best and most creative responses with unique access codes. This month’s prompt was: –

Half of the plugged-in world seems to love Xara One. The other half have at least heard of her, and most of those hate her. But what is Xara One — merely the latest in manufactured celebrity for the mass market, or something altogether different?

Don’t be Afraid to Say hi

If you have something to say about the changes, have any ideas or questions, or just want to vent about your experiences in the Projects or the Bordertown, we’re here to absorb your feedback. Who knows, we might even act on it in the next update!

It’s probably worth noting that we’re always working hard on expanding the cpd universe  and where we take things next is very much up to you.

If that wasn’t enough, as ever, also feel free to join us in our discord server or on Twitter, where we’re always active with little snippets from the cpd universe.