Devlog #23 – Late night

New year, new content. Let’s check out what January brought to cpd, and what you can expect in the near future.


After the usual in-game festivities around the holidays (if you can call them that) new mechanics were introduced via Late Last Night, an update named after a system that keeps track of the events from the night before – and brings forth their ramifications. Expect this mechanic to keep expanding as more of your actions show its results to you in your more intimate moments, immersing you more and more into your character’s life.

This update also brought more customisation for characters, allowing for more physical quirks and giving you the option to see and adjust your height. The conversation mechanic was also improved, having length and initial dialogue options adjusted. Some options were added to the Jettel Outreach, so you can go check them out too if you’re getting into Banshee.

The second big update was Dead man cares, also named after a new repeatable mechanic. One of your crew died suspiciously? You can now embark on a journey to discover if someone was trying to get at you – and get your revenge at the end.

More hard banging content was also added – more events at Cluster, for those mutants amongst us, and new physical sexual quirks to tweak your character even further. There was also the usual smorgasbord of new content tidbits across several places, such as NPCs and mutations. On the mechanics side of things, street wars and the hunting system underwent some tweaks, as well as moods and vehicles cards, and you can now create a Clean-up crew in the slums to help with those sticky situations.

As always, plenty of other minor changes and tweaks were made, new content and art added, and bugs and typos fixed. If you want to see the thorough, detailed list, the changelogs are all available here, on Steam. Check them out.

cpd on mobile

Whilst we’d all love to play cpd on the go, a dedicated mobile version is still a while off, unfortunately. But in the meantime, there is a workaround: if you can leave the game running on a laptop or desktop at home, you can play it on a mobile device using a remote access app such as RealVNC or Teamviewer. This method has been tested extensively by a number of players and works well.


Lastly, our roadmap has been updated, so take a peek at what we have planned for the game. This has involved bumping a few items a bit further into the future than before; although that has to be disappointing if you’ve been looking forward to that particular content, it’s important for us to keep the roadmap as accurate as possible.

Creating a schedule far into the future is tricky at the best of times with any project, and especially videogames, and that’s doubly true with a very small team. It’s both hard to predict how long a new piece of content will take to create and easy to get sidetracked by updating existing content, working on bugs, smaller projects and the like. But we feel like we’re getting there, and we’re definitely making progress on the roadmap overall.

If you want to talk about the changes or have any suggestions for the game, please join us at our discord server and let us know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated! And join us at twitter for your daily dose of cpd.

Thanks for being here, and we’ll see you next time.