E-commerce now live

Our e-commerce shop is now live and shipping all over the world, with secure payments for Paypal and cards. Don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list for new product updates and the odd coupon code.

Successfully funded

We’re very pleased to announce that our latest Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded, reaching 150% of its goal. Thank you again for the amazing support! This campaign was primarily a reprint of Cincinnati Stories, allowing us to get the book and world into the hands of yet more fans. However, there is new content […]

Live on Kickstarter

Check it: kickstarter.com/projects/cyberpunkdreams/cincinnati-stories-an-illustrated-cyberpunk-collec That’s right: we’re currently live on Kickstarter with a follow-up of the success Cincinnati Stories. But this is more than just a reprint. We’ve releasing Outside Edges, an additional collection of four short stories set in the cyberpunkdreams world. So if you backed before, here’s your chance to explore more of the story. And […]

Delivery complete

It look a little longer than promised, but the delivery for the Cincinnati Stories Kickstarter is now completely complete. The last item to be done was the EPUB version of the book, which many other rewards being sent out earlier in the year. This was our first Kickstarter and we handled all the delivery ourselves, […]


Our first Kickstarter, for Cincinnati Stories, has been successfully funded! We’re super excited, but there’s also a lot to do to finish off all the illustrations and stories and to put the whole thing together. We’ll keep you posted via the Kickstarter page. It’s an amazing feeling to have one’s first Kickstarter fully supported, let […]

Live on Kickstarter

We’re very excited to announce that our first release, cyberpunkdreams: cincinnati stories, is now live on Kickstarter and already building up support and buzz after only a few hours. Check it out and back it here: kickstarter.com/projects/cyberpunkdreams/cyberpunkdreams-cincinnati-stories